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ra'yoka: yoga for sports by rainbeau mars

ra = sun                   yoka= integrate

ra’yoKa is an innovative and integrative practice combining fundamental principles of yoga, enhanced with a breath-centered flow, dynamic, explosive martial arts movements, and core connection with total-body balance integration. It provides physical, mental, and spiritual elements with the intention of awakening the mind and body.

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Physical Focus: Standing poses, focus on alignment, gross movement, cardiovascular, legs, hip openers, ankles & feet. Cultivate stability with standing poses and proper alignment.

Series: $19.99 Total: 1 hour 51 mins

Module: $59.99 Includes Series, Lecture & Adjustments

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LEVEL ORANGE module.jpg


Physical Focus: Features increased movement with rolling through the body to increase fluidity and body-mind awareness. Engages the lower body with leg strengtheners and hip openers, utilizing twists and counter postures to massage the internal organs and assist the body's natural detoxification process.

Series: $19.99 Total: 1 hour 26 mins

Module: $59.99 Includes Series, Lecture & Adjustments

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Physical focus: Core strength and fluidity, with side stretches, core lifting, arm balances, core crunches and twists. Shine forth in every direction of the abdominal region.

Series: $19.99 Total: 1 hour 33 mins

Module: $59.99 Includes Series, Lecture & Adjustments

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LEVEL green :: backbends

Physical Focus: Heart and chest openers, shoulder openers and backbends, with breathing exercises. Expand from your heart with open shoulders and backbends.

Series: $19.99 Total: 1 hour 32 mins

Module: $59.99 Includes Series, Lecture & Adjustments



Physical Focus: Vocal and body harmony through mantras, sound, throat and jaw openers. Nurture your immune system for recovery from injury and illness.

Series: $19.99 Total: 1 hour 26 mins

Module: $59.99 Includes Series, Lecture & Adjustments


LEVEL indigo :: inversions

Physical Focus: Incorporates core and upper body strength, enhancing poses that build confidence and power. Focused visualizations to re-calibrate the inner body.

Series: $19.99 Total: 1 hour 18 mins

Module: $59.99 Includes Series, Lecture & Adjustments

LEVEL purple :: meditation

Physical Focus: Recalibration through meditation, affirmation and openness. Time to unwind and sit, finding peace in stillness.

Series: $19.99 Total: 1 hour 6 mins

Module: $59.99 Includes Series, Lecture & Adjustments


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“I am so excited to bring ra'yoKa to the homes of practitioners around the world,” said ra'yoKa founder, Rainbeau Mars. As an artist, practitioner of yoga and business owner, I never seems to have enough time in the day. I wanted to create a workout that fully maximized my time on the mat and enabled me to continue the process even when I am sitting in a chair. I've been extremely fortunate to work as an artist, serving other peoples stories. One great adventure, was being the Global Ambassador for adidas. I love to serve stories that inspire, transform and heal and introducing the ra'yoKa system first-hand in one country each month for 3 years was incredible. From audiences as large as 3,500 to remote villages who have never practiced, people have great energy for ra'yoKa-sayng its like nothing they ever tried and effective for the roots of the mind and being. Now, all can enjoy this seven part system from the comfort of their own home. “Appropriate for beginners, teachers, trainers and beyond, ra'yoKaseven different levels created to harmonize the body and mind, ra'yoKa allows the participant to choose the level best suited for them-to balance a specific region and function of the body.


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Fully optimize your time on the mat with Rainbeau Mars’  world-renowned fitness system, ra’yoKa.  A unique hybrid of martial artsmovement and core conditioning, this 52 minute ra’yoKa overview combines breath-centered yoga flow and therapeutics with occasionalexplosive kicks and punches.   This innovative and integrative practice works to harmonize the body and mind, all while refining balancemuscles and increasing flexibility.

7 RA'YOKA benefits

  • Helps prevent injures
  • Stimulates fast and slow twitch muscles
  • Improves core strength, stability, balance, coordination and agility
  • Builds and releases energy
  • Balances hormones and emotions
  • Helps ease pain and relieve muscle tension
  • Improves reaction time, memory and focus

praise for ra'yoka

"Rainbeau is an exceptional yogini whose graceful presence inspires the student to offer the fullest of themselves to every moment."
John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga

"Rainbeau has an incredible gift for teaching. I am grateful to her."
Flea, bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Rainbeau Mars is the rare gift in a teacher; able to lead by instruction, example and inspiration."
David Duchovny, actor

"Rainbeau embodies the connection that we are all so hungry for"
Rick Rubin, Music Producer

"Rainbeau Mars is an extraordinary yogi, actress, nutrition expert, and model. Rainbeau Mars is a real-life superhero."
David Wolfe

"Rainbeau is the bomb. Working with her has been amazing."
Esai Morales, actor

"Rainbeau is a teachers teacher. Brilliant, beautiful and divinely inspired."
Dr. Light Miller, ND, author, Doctor of Ayurveda

"Rainbows appear after the rain. There is no way to describe how talented she really is. Rainbeau has a gift."
Melissa Puch de Fripp, Intuitive reader

"We're over the moon for it."
Vital juice

"This is a fantastic workout and a nice change adding in martial arts movements with yoga postures"